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4 Way Companies Will Change in Future

Dana Ardi, founder of Corporate Anthropology Advisors and author, summarises brilliantly the shape business will take in future. She predicts business will shift in the following four ways:

1. Increased connectivity as technology breaks down geographic and personal boundaries.


2. Companies will be seen as communities.

In tomorrow’s beta companies, salaries will function more like incentives while benefits will be more like menus where not everyone will have access to the same options. Education will really be a function of apprenticeship and mentor programs. Because beta organizations will be flatter, every individual regardless of their age will have opportunities to influence change and the direction of the organization. Beta companies will become more like holding companies where people will move in and out, or choose to stay on for a longer period.

3. Strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships will form that keep each company’s unique culture alive and at play.


4. Diverse ecosystems will be formed where company owners, customers and competitors collaborate in order to grow and solve problems.


Read Dana’s full blog post here

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